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London Let Inventory Services

London Let Inventories

We are committed to providing a good quality service, at the time required by our client and at a competitive rate. As Professional Inventory Providers we offer a quality service to Estate Agents, Landlords and Managaing Agents, providing detailed property inventories and tenant check- in and check- outs, supported by detailed documentation and digital images, itemising contents and condition of the property.

Inventory Compilation

An inventory is an itemised description of all elements of a property from interior ceilings, walls, floors, woodwork, windows and furniture, fittings & appliances, and their condition at the time the inventory is compiled.
The report is produced in an easy to follow, user friendly format with emphasis on accuracy and supported by digital images as standard.

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Check-In Appointments

We will meet the tenant at the property and advise them of the necessary guidelines to follow during their tenancy. These include information on maintaining the property and its contents, decoration, stored items and keys but will not include working operation of any appliances or heating.

We will undertake to read all relevant meter readings (where access is possible) and record them and list the number of sets of keys issued to the tenants.

We will explain the inventory and schedule of condition of the property and confirm the accuracy of its content and request the tenant to confirm their acceptance by signing copies provided, one of which will remain with the tenant, the others being forwarded to the instructing principal.

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Check-Out Appointments

We will strive to attend the check out appointment when the tenant can be present, with the original inventory.
The property and its contents will be re-inspected, taking into account deficient cleaning, damage or breakage, missing or additional items, excessive wear and the overall condition of the property. Any discrepancies or variations to the original inventory, including fair wear and tear are recorded.

The check out process will include the reading of all relevant meters (where access is possible) and handover of all the sets of keys from the tenant to us.

Where there is no check- in and just an Inventory/make was provided at the beginning of the Tenancy, then the check out will be carried out by referring to the original Inventory that the instructing principal provides, whether amended by either party and signed in pen or not.